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If you are interested in my TeX-related projects, you can find various TikZ libraries over at my GitHub account.

The libraries are:

  • node-families

    The node-families library has been developed in response to “Dependent node size” where the Op asks for automatic re-sizing of related nodes so that they have the same minimum size.

    Use the keys

    • Minimum Width=<family>,
    • Minimum Height=<family>,
    • Text Height=<family> and
    • Text Width=<family>

    to assign a node to a specific family of nodes that shall have the same dimensions. This works on a per-picture basis and uses the .aux file so you will need at least two compilations.

  • paths.ortho ([1] and [2])

    This library is too huge to explain it here. Take a look at my answers [3] and [4].

  • paths.rectangle

    The paths.rectangle library provides two similar timers (the functions that place nodes along paths) for the rectangle path operator. They are explained on the answer that inspired the creation of these timers.

  • patterns.images: See [5].
  • positioning-plus: See [6].

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